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Plumbing Tools & Equipment

Common Plumbing Tools and Equipment

If you are a individual who has some understanding of DIY plumbing hacks, then you must be conscious of the numerous plumbing tools and facilities and their uses. However, many individuals have little knowledge of plumbing tools, and even the fundamental plumbing tools & equipment will look unfamiliar to them.,

Here are some fundamental plumbing tools that skilled plumbers usually have in their plumbing kits.

Wrench or spanner

Pipe Wrench / Plumber Wrench

Wrench is an essential tool for plumbing. The wrench or spanner is a tool used to turn the object, such as fasteners, nuts and bolts or pipes.

Pipe Cutter

Pipe Cutter

A pipe cutter is a sort of tools for pipe cutting. The pipe cutter, which produces a clean cut, is often a faster, cleaner and more convenient way to cut the pipe

PTFE Tape/ Teflon Tape/Thread Seal Tape

PTFE Tape/ Teflon Tape/Thread Seal Tape

PTFE tape/ Teflon tape/ thread seal tape is commonly used in plumbing for sealing pipe threads. Typically, the tape is wrapped around the thread of the pipe several times before it is screwed into place. PTFE tape / Teflon tape allows the pipe threads to be seated deeper and helps avoid loosening of the threads.


Toilet Plunger

Plunger has a rubber cup attached to a handle. A rubber cup creates a vacuum and sucks out clogging debris and materials. The plunger is usually used to unlock drains, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs.

Professional plumbers use these instruments and equipment for maintenance, repair and replacement projects for plumbing. Contact our professional plumber in Singapore if you are interested in understanding the characteristics and uses of these or many other fundamental and complicated plumbing tools and equipment.

Fixing Kitchen Faucet - Plumbing Singapore

Plumbing Tips for House Owner in Singapore

The basic plumbing knowledge is actually essential for everyone especially to those who own a house. It is somehow  a house’s piping system or plumbing system will break down and require repair at some point of time. Sometime, it is not cost effective or spending fortune to hire a professional plumber Singapore just to fix a small plumbing issues. Therefor, a basic knowledge on plumbing will save you the cost to hire a professional plumber. Here are some tips to help you take care of the simple plumbing jobs by yourself.

Fixing Kitchen Faucet - Plumbing Singapore

Fix the small plumbing issues immediately

Most of the people will delay minor repairs and those home improvement jobs.  As small plumbing issue as  leaky pipe can badly affect the piping system and plumbing foundation of a house. It is sometimes hard to identify a hidden leakage. However, regular inspection and maintenance will help to identify and fix such issues. If you are having problems  such as low water pressure, you should immediately contact a plumber to sort it out. Procrastination and  delay will cost you  more money in the future as the plumbing issues getting worst.

Regular maintenance of plumbing system

Prevention is better than sure. Regular inspection and maintenance is the best way to avoid any plumbing niggling. Plumbing maintenance activities should carry-on on yearly basics. In case you do not have the experience and tools to inspect plumbing system and fixtures by own, you should get a professional plumber to help-out. It is a good idea to carry out plumbing inspection at the end of every year.


Use only quality plumbing material

Do not trust brands which offer crazy discounts and prizes,  usually you get what you paid for. You can consult an plumbing expert to understand what kind of material would be ideal for your house. Saving some money while buying various fixtures such as pipes can cost a lot in long run. Installing low quality pipes, for instance, can cause multiple problems & complexity including leakage and obstructions. Therefore, make sure that you buy high-quality pipes, tap, shower or toilet accessories for your house. 

Hire a trusted and reliable plumbing company in Singapore

Implementing the proper plumbing infrastructure and system is not an easy job. There are many technical things which have to be considered before planning the drainage, piping and water system of a building. An inexperience plumber can damage the plumbing system and ruin the entire infrastructure. Therefore, be careful while hiring a plumber for installation and repair. Make sure your plumber is reliable, experienced and trustworthy.


Why Engage With a Recommended Plumber Singapore


There is a lot of people assumed plumbing task isn’t that tough. Yes, in truth, everyone have the basic skills to replace or install a faucet or shower. However, professional plumber has much more completed and all rounded knowledge and tools to perform complicated plumbing issues, they inspect and find out your plumbing issues and fix exactly what need to be fixed. Whereas in Singapore, it is crucial for a plumber to be certified by the Public Utilities Board (PUB) to prove their authenticity as a professional & licensed plumber in Singapore.



Recommended plumbing service Singapore


Before hiring a reliable & an experience plumber in Singapore, you may require to do a background checking to make sure you understand how they get their plumbing job done and how much they charge. A competence plumber has adequate plumbing experiences, good plumbing skills and equipped with latest industrial knowledge. You can roughly know the competency of a plumbing company in Singapore by checking their review online.


People can have a little interaction and conversation with the plumber, so that you will know more about them, knowing how they charge and how they will fix your plumbing issues will surely avoid any unwanted dispute in the future. You are recommended to request a proper quotation which will eventually protect the interests of consumer and the plumbing company.




There are many plumbing companies in Singapore, but, it is crucial to find the right plumber for your plumbing job. We knew that not every plumbers is qualified and certified, the proficiency of a certified plumber is what people looking for at the end. Every water system and plumbing system might require a different kind of methods and tools to deal with, thus, getting a qualified plumber and adequate plumber is important. Get your plumbing job done and engage the best plumber in Singapore.




Successful Plumbing Tips

Useful tips for solving the plumbing issues

It is actually frustrated to see the plumbing issues started to occur, especially on your newly move-in house. Plumbing issues usually happen around the kitchen or bathroom area, a small issue can become a disaster if not handled correctly and immediately. Here we are giving some useful advises to prevent any unwanted plumbing issues.

Plumbing Tips

1) Avoid burst pipe

The pipe could burst if there is an increase in pressure inside the pipe. Frozen pipe, clogged pipe or clogged faucet and shower is one of the common reasons that cause the burst pipe. Open up all the faucets and showers to check the water pressure, you could need to call a plumber for detail inspection if there is abnormal water pressure in those faucet or shower.


2) Clogged toilet oftenly

Clogged toilet seems like a very common issue to any house. People will usually using the plunger to unclog te toilet, however, there is no guarantee it will work every single time. We are suggesting people can pour some warm water together with some baking soda and veneger then flush the toilet few hours later. This is one of the proven method to unclog the toilet. Want to stay out of clogged toilet? Do it regularly.

Unclog the Toilet


3) The use of water filter

Here we are not talking about the water filter for drinking water, the first level of water filter connect to your house’s main pipe or water tank can effectively filter the sands and dirts. This will solve the clogged issue inside the piping, pipe joint, a faucet or shower which is mainly due to sands and dirts.


4) Check your overflow holes

Check the overflow holes regularly in your basin or sink. Regular cleaning on the overflow holes will make sure it is functioning,


5) Don’t pour disposable oils into the drain or sink

Avoid pouring oils, fats or greases down to your drain or sink as it will slowly accumulate and clogged your sink or drain.


Homeowners cause themselves a little headache by not having some plumbing knowledge prior to a plumbing problem. All homeowners should learn some plumbing maintenance knowledges. However, If you still experience plumbing problems, give us a call. As the best plumber Singapore we can solve it with confidence.

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