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Common Plumbing Tools and Equipment

Plumbing Tools & Equipment

If you are a individual who has some understanding of DIY plumbing hacks, then you must be conscious of the numerous plumbing tools and facilities and their uses. However, many individuals have little knowledge of plumbing tools, and even the fundamental plumbing tools & equipment will look unfamiliar to them.,

Here are some fundamental plumbing tools that skilled plumbers usually have in their plumbing kits.

Wrench or spanner

Pipe Wrench / Plumber Wrench

Wrench is an essential tool for plumbing. The wrench or spanner is a tool used to turn the object, such as fasteners, nuts and bolts or pipes.

Pipe Cutter

Pipe Cutter

A pipe cutter is a sort of tools for pipe cutting. The pipe cutter, which produces a clean cut, is often a faster, cleaner and more convenient way to cut the pipe

PTFE Tape/ Teflon Tape/Thread Seal Tape

PTFE Tape/ Teflon Tape/Thread Seal Tape

PTFE tape/ Teflon tape/ thread seal tape is commonly used in plumbing for sealing pipe threads. Typically, the tape is wrapped around the thread of the pipe several times before it is screwed into place. PTFE tape / Teflon tape allows the pipe threads to be seated deeper and helps avoid loosening of the threads.


Toilet Plunger

Plunger has a rubber cup attached to a handle. A rubber cup creates a vacuum and sucks out clogging debris and materials. The plunger is usually used to unlock drains, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs.

Professional plumbers use these instruments and equipment for maintenance, repair and replacement projects for plumbing. Contact our professional plumber in Singapore if you are interested in understanding the characteristics and uses of these or many other fundamental and complicated plumbing tools and equipment.

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