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How to fix a choked toilet bowl

Depending on the severity, toilet chokes can be one of the most troublesome (not to mention disgusting) issue to deal with. Prevent flooded toilets and damaged flooring by picking up some of the simple tips in this video to clear the chokes yourself if it ever happens. Of course, if all else fails, you know HDB Plumber Service is always just a phone call away.

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Toilet bowl | Sink taps | Shower mixer tap  | Wash basin | Sink | Urinal bowl | Bathtub | shower | Hand bidet | Water piping | Bottle trap | Flexible tube | Mini ball-valve | Instant heater | Central water heater | Toilet cistern | Toilet auto sensor flush valve | Water meter install / alter | New / re-piping PVC / copper / St steel | Burst pipes | Water leakage maintenance | Sanitary waste | water pipes leakages | Replace cast iron main pipe to PVC pipe | Water tank pressure pump service | Exposed / concealed / underground pipes | All plumbing installation, service & repair

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Floor / gully trap | Waste pipe | Bath tub | Wash basin | Sink pipe | Urinal bowl | Toilet Bowl | Manhole | Main pipe | Rainwater downpipe | High pressure water jetting service

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