Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Repair in Singapore

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Water heaters provide warm shower that keeps you comfortable. After a long and stressful day, a soothing hot bath helps you relax. But when it’s working in great condition, you don’t give it much thought about Water Heater Repair!

Now, water heaters have become an essential part of your daily life. But when it starts providing you with icy cold water instead of hot and warm water, it will be only a single thing that comes to your mind. There are various warning signs before a water heater fails completely.

But many homeowners are not able to spot these signs until it’s too late. This is the main reason why you should have knowledge of water heater leak signs.

Below, we have listed the signs that help you to know your water heater requires repair!

5 Indicators You Are in Need of Water Heater Repair

We have curated some significant indicators that help you know whether your water heater requires repair!

  • It Turns Your Water Rusty

The most common sign you notice is rust. If you experience rust in the water coming straight from the shower, your water heater requires repair. This is happening because rust is forming inside your water heater.

Your pipes might turn into rusty that’s why it is happening. When this kind of condition occurs, you need to engage with a professional Water Heater Repair service!

  • Surface of the Water Heater Becomes Wet

The surface of the water heater becoming wet is a common thing. This situation arises due to a small leakage in the water heater storage. Due to the high temperature, the metal of the tank expands every time when the temperature is too high. After it cools down, the leakage stops.

You need to consider the leak carefully. In this case, you should connect with a reliable plumber for water heater maintenance.

  • Water Heater Produces Weird Noise

Sometimes, you hear weird noises from your water heater. At the bottom of your water heater tank, residue or dirt may build up. But when it becomes hardened, it will make a loud noise every time you use your heater.

This means your water heater is not working properly, and you have to replace it soon.

  • Burn Marks Occur at the Bottom of Tank

When you see any burn marks at the bottom of your water heater tank, it’s time you need to replace it. Basically, burn marks occur due to improper venting and damaged pipes. If this kind of thing happens, only repairing will not work.

You should replace it with a high-quality water heater. Otherwise, you may lead to electric shocks during a shower.

  • Shortage of Hot Water

If you are not having enough hot water for your shower or even to wash the dishes, it’s a clear issue. There are various issues you will encounter, like it takes too long to heat the water, etc. If you are encountering with these water issues, it is happening due to electrical and sediment build-up around the heating element of the water heater.

This is the sign that your water heater heating element needs replacement or repair. You need to contact a repair service for a water heater, or you should replace it with a high-quality heater.

  • Irregular Temperature of Water Heater

There is also a time when you experience inconsistent temperatures. Sometimes, your water heater provides too hot water or in the next minute; it provides too cold water. If it happens two or three times, it’s quite normal.

But it might be a big issue if you face temperature changes very often. This issue is resolved by setting your water heater thermostat to your desired temperature. If the water is too hot, you can lower the temperature of water using settings.

But you are still experiencing the same; you should seek professional help for Repair Water Heater Singapore. The heater repair experts know how to deal with it.

  • Minimize the Flow of Water

We all love a steady and nice amount of water pressure when we take a shower. But sometimes, due to sediment or scale building up inside the water heater, you will experience a change in water flow rate or pressure.

It can also happen within your plumbing that connects your water heater installation to the locations inside your house. You should not ignore this sign because the build-up may worsen, and you don’t experience the hot water anymore.

Instead of doing your own, engaging with a professional repair service for your water heater would be best. The experts know how to drain your tank and discard the sediment build-up.

  • Water Heater Aging

When you invest in a good quality water heater, you expect it will last around 10 years. In case you use a water softener and are chosen for regular water heater maintenance, it will last for a long time.

If your unit is more than ten years and has already started showing many problems, it would be best to change it. You should buy the finest quality water heater before it breaks down.


It would be advisable not to ignore the signs of your faulty water heater. Sometimes, it might be possible that your water heater is completely broken down. If you address the issues of the water heater as soon as possible, you might save yourself from the costly repairs.

If you are looking for a water heater repairing service, you should choose HDBplumber service. We are a team of highly skilled and trained professionals that are competent to solve any issue. We can help you with any issues like leak repairing, low-flow fittings, etc, in a cost-saving manner.

 Connect with our team to avail the benefit of the service.

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