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Kitchen Sink or Basin Plumbing Services

Prevent Your Kitchen Sink or Drain From Clogged

Every home has kitchen and kitchen sink, like it or not, sooner or later you’re going to struggle with clogs. Don’t wait until the problems get worse. Here are practical tips on how to prevent clogs in the kitchen sink

Kitchen Sink or Basin Plumbing Services
  1. Don’t ever pour grease or oil on your garbage disposal. Please, do all you can to stop grease from getting into your drains or pipes. The correct way to do it is pouring the used cooking oil or grease into the containers and then throw it into the trash bin. Alternatively, before washing, clean the pans with paper towels first.
  2. Be gentle on disposing of your garbage. Don’t use it as a trash can. Before rinsing or washing, scrape plates into the garbage.
  3. Never put fibrous or starchy things in the garbage disposal. Always remember to avoid: peels of potato, pasta, beans, peals of bananas, tea, shells of eggs.
  4. Clean your drain and pipes regularly with baking soda to avoid buildup. Pour a cup baking soda into drain, if you need to, use a spatula to force it in.
  5. You can use the baking soda / vinegar to wash pipes and drain on a regular basis. Pour 1/2 cup baking soda into drain, if necessary, use a spatula to force it in. Pour a cup vinegar down the drain and cover the drain quickly with a drain cover to force the vinegar and baking to the clog. Hold it in place until it starts fizzing. Using boiling water to clear and flush drain.

We wish it can help prevent clogs in the kitchen sink for you with these helpful tips. Please note that you are recommended to call for professional plumber in Singapore if the issue of clogging is not able to solved by yourself.

Plumbing Tips To Unclog A Toilet At Home

There will be advantages if you know how to maintain and fix some common plumbing issues when there’s an emergency plumbing needs. Therefore, today we are going to share with you the plumbing tips on how to unclog a toilet, which you can use as a guideline to temporarily fix the clogging issues at home.


You will need a plunger if you have a clogged toilet, you can easily get a plunger in any hardware shop and it will only cost you literally less than $10 Singapore Dollar. We recommended pouring some hot water into the toilet first as this will help to soften the clogged wastage and easier for you to get clogged toilet fix.


Plumbing Tips - Plunge the Toilet


If you have a serious clogged toilet, to unclog it your own, you might need to prepare some extra materials. You will need to get ready with a cup of baking soda, 2 cup of vinegar, 1 litre of boiled water.


Steps To Unclog A Toilet :

  1. First, pour the boiled water into your clogged toilet,
  2. Then, add 2 cup of vinegar slowly and finally add 1 cup of baking soda into the toilet.
  3. Leave if for a couple of hours before you start the plunging job, this is to make sure we can get the clogged things moving before we plunge.
  4. Plunge the toilet with the plunger.


DIY Plumbing


Usually these steps will get your clogged toilet problem solve. However, if this doesn’t help which indicated you have a serious clogged toilet issue, then you will need to get an experienced plumber to fix it as it can’t be easily solved by own. If you are staying in Singapore, we are the professional plumber in Singapore that you can rely on. Contact us today!

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