Useful tips for solving the plumbing issues

It is actually frustrated to see the plumbing issues started to occur, especially on your newly move-in house. Plumbing issues usually happen around the kitchen or bathroom area, a small issue can become a disaster if not handled correctly and immediately. Here we are giving some useful advises to prevent any unwanted plumbing issues.

Plumbing tools

Plumbing tools

1) Avoid burst pipe

The pipe could burst if there is an increase in pressure inside the pipe. Frozen pipe, clogged pipe or clogged faucet and shower is one of the common reasons that cause the burst pipe. Open up all the faucets and showers to check the water pressure, you could need to call a plumber for detail inspection if there is abnormal water pressure in those faucet or shower.


2) Clogged toilet oftenly

Clogged toilet seems like a very common issue to any house. People will usually using the plunger to unclog the toilet, however, there is no guarantee it will work every single time. We are suggesting people can pour some warm water together with some baking soda and vineger then flush the toilet few hours later. This is one of the proven method to unclog the toilet. Want to stay out of clogged toilet? Do it regularly.

plumber fixing toilet bowl

plumber fixing toilet bowl

3) The use of water filter

Here we are not talking about the water filter for drinking water, the first level of water filter connect to your house’s main pipe or water tank can effectively filter the sands and dirts. This will solve the clogged issue inside the piping, pipe joint, a faucet or shower which is mainly due to sands and dirts.


4) Check your overflow holes

Check the overflow holes regularly in your basin or sink. Regular cleaning on the overflow holes will make sure it is functioning,


5) Don’t pour disposable oils into the drain or sink

Avoid pouring oils, fats or greases down to your drain or sink as it will slowly accumulate and clogged your sink or drain.


Homeowners cause themselves a little headache by not having some plumbing knowledge prior to a plumbing problem. All homeowners should learn some plumbing maintenance knowledges. However, If you still experience plumbing problems, give us a call. As the best plumber Singapore we can solve it with confidence.

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